French & Saunders – Gordon Ramsay Sketch

Over the years, we have seen Dawn French play a number of different fascinating roles with Jennifer Saunders and it seems as if they always have the ability to make us laugh. Perhaps they do a parody on Madonna or they may do a standup comedy routine in front of a live audience. In any case, they play off of each other brilliantly and we always leave feeling good. This particular skit is no different.

When Dawn French shows up at the home of Jennifer Saunders, she has no idea what she is about to get into. When she goes through the door, she sees a table was set with some stuffed animals around it and Jennifer Saunders is taking on the persona of Gordon Ramsay. It is rather brilliant to see, and you can really tell that they have put a lot into it. Of course, we get to laugh at everything that is said along the way.

There are many famous individuals. Some of them may stay somewhat in the background but others put themselves out there and when they do so, they really make it possible for the team of French and Saunders to put together something funny in their behalf. Obviously, Gordon Ramsay has had his day.