French and Saunders in a Musical Film Parody

There are many talented people out there who sing and dance. Some of them are going to stand out on their own but others are going to find their way into a group, known as a chorus line. They are an important part of a Broadway musical and being a part of the show is something many of them strive for. There have even been Broadway musicals made on the subject, such as, A Chorus Line.

In this clip, we see the comedy team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders poking fun at a Broadway musical and they are doing a wonderful job of it. As a group of dancers auditions before Jennifer Saunders, she sits quietly and watches. She then sends them all home because they weren’t what she was looking for. Suddenly, Dawn French shows up and she puts on a performance that will make you burst out laughing.

The comedy team of French and Saunders has that special something that we can all appreciate. They make us laugh, and that is perhaps the best gift that can give. It is our hope that they find their way together again and we can see the magic happen.