French and Saunders in Monarch of the Glum

There have been many shows on the telly that we have watched over the years and it continues to be a source of relaxation and enjoyment for many of us. Some of those shows are designed to make us laugh, others may be of a more serious nature. One of the latter is Monarch of the Glen, a drama series that was on the telly up until it was canceled in 2005. It was a show that we followed closely.

Just because it was a serious drama series does not mean that there is no room for laughter. That will become quite obvious when you see this skit by the comedy team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. They come together to put up a parody that will have even the most serious fan of the show laughing out loud. It is Monarch of the Glum and it is absolutely brilliant.

The team of Jennifer and Saunders is one that has a gift all of us can appreciate. They have the ability to make us laugh and in doing so, it gives us the opportunity to unwind and relax after a difficult day. This skit is designed to make you laugh, and it does a fantastic job of it.

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