French & Saunders – Nibbles

Many of us have become accustomed to having Dawn French in our home on a weekly basis, sometimes every day. Of course, she is in third person, she is there through the television. At times, she may be playing on the Vicar of Dibley but at other times, she may be doing a standup comedy routine or perhaps a skit in front of a live audience. That is what you see in this clip, and it is one that will make you laugh.

Dawn French is funny on her own but when she is paired with Jennifer Saunders, the two of them just seem to have a unique ability to make you smile. In this clip, Jennifer Saunders is putting out nibbles and she has invited some friends over, including Lenny Henry, Ade Edmondson and Dawn French. When the guests arrived, it immediately turns funny and you will love watching this video from the beginning to the end.

The team of French and Saunders has been around for quite some time. Most recently, they have done a lot of work on their own but you can still look back at some of their earlier comedic retains and laugh at their abilities.

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