French and Saunders Play This Hilarious Madonna Parody

There are many reasons to love Dawn French, and we may have our own reasons when we stop to think about it. For some people, it is because she is such a versatile individual and can play many different parts. For others, it is her ability to make us laugh. You will see them all come together in this clip, where she is taking a poke at Madonna and doing so perfectly.

For this video, Dawn teams up with her well known partner, Jennifer Saunders and the two of them are taking on an entirely different personality. As soon as the video begins you are likely to recognise who they are, and it is hard not to start laughing at their ability to become the person they are poking fun at. It is Madonna, and I don’t think anyone could do it as brilliantly as Jennifer Saunders.

Madonna has become well known over the years because of her music, as well as her unusual behavior. She certainly has pushed the limits in her music videos and has also starred in some films as well. I guess she was just too easy of a target for Dawn French.

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