French & Saunders – Ponies

We have seen Dawn French play many different parts in the past and typically, she plays along with other comedians and actors quite brilliantly. In this clip, she is playing along with others as well but it isn’t comedians, nor is it actors, it is horses. It seems as if Dawn is out on an equestrian outing but even though she is ready to go, that doesn’t necessarily mean the horses are ready to go.

Dawn is always ready to make the best out of everything that comes her way, and that includes these horses as well. In fact, she tries to make the best of this outing, even though the horses are doing their best to frustrate her plans. In the end, she gets a little bit frustrated as well but we get to laugh at the situation. It is just another time that Dawn has the ability to make us smile.

Of course, anybody who has ever worked with horses knows for a certainty that they have a mind of their own. Even a rider who is skilled and has many years of experience may at times have difficulties in getting the horse to cooperate with them. It seems as if this duo is having a similar problem today.