French and Saunders Portraying Schoolgirls

When you think back to the time you were in school, you probably remember it with a smile on your face. Sure, there were some issues that may have taken place during that time but they really were the “good old days” and I don’t know many people would disagree. If you would like to take a walk down memory lane, you might just be able to do so with this brilliant skit.

There have been many comedy teams over the years, some of which are still able to make us laugh, even years after they put together a skit. That is certainly the case with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, as they always work brilliantly with each other. Sometimes, they may be portraying a celebrity but in this clip, they are playing schoolgirls. Regardless of what they are playing, they sure can transform themselves into whatever role they take on.

Watching these two comedians as schoolgirls will surely remind you of a time when you were in school. You may not have been the type of person they were portraying, but it is likely that you knew someone who did play that part every day.

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