French And Saunders Take On Abba And They Totally Nail It

When it comes to comedy, it is difficult to top what the team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are able to bring to us. It seems as if they have that special chemistry that just makes us laugh, even before they open their mouth. It is a gift that they are willing to share with us, and it comes through loud and clear in this musical parody.

In this video, we get to see the team of French and Saunders taking on a popular musical group, Abba. The song that they choose, c’est la vie, is perhaps one of their more famous but you have never seen it done like it is done with French and Saunders at the wheel. It is difficult not to laugh from the moment that it starts.

When it comes to talent, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders certainly have a lot to share. Most of us may think about the comedy but the fact is, they are multitalented. That is even true when it comes to the gift of singing, and especially Jennifer Saunders is one who is brilliant at doing it.

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