French And Saunders Take On Tennis At Wimbledon And It Is Brilliant

If you spend any amount of time watching video clips of Dawn French, you quickly recognise that she is one of the most brilliant comedians of all time. It just seems as if she has the ability to make us laugh, regardless of the situation she happens to be in. Most of us appreciate that about her time on the Vicar of Dibley but she is also brilliant on stage as well, especially when she is with Jennifer Saunders.

It seems as if the team of French and Saunders is together again and they are playing some most unusual characters, two tennis stars at Wimbledon. As they sit down for an interview after a big match, you begin to understand that they are not exactly what they seem to be. They play the role of tennis players brilliantly, but as far as their skills on the court, they do leave much to be desired.

It doesn’t matter if this comedy team is poking fun at somebody famous, such as Amy Winehouse or Madonna or if they are playing any type of role, it is guaranteed to make you laugh.

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