French & Saunders talk sex

If there is one thing that we know about Dawn French, it’s the fact that you never quite know what she is going to get into. In one moment, she may be playing a Vicar on a TV show and at another time, she may be doing standup comedy in front of a live audience. In this particular clip, she is doing a comedy routine with Jennifer Saunders and it is one of their funniest of all times.

As you know, both Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have the ability to become almost any persona that they want, and this skit is no different. They sit on the stage together in front of an audience and begin talking about a rather sensitive subject. Jennifer asks Dawn about contraceptives and a number of other interesting topics. As you can expect, Dawn has a lot to say on the subject and you get a laugh along with them.

The team of French and Saunders is one that many of us equate with humour and we couldn’t imagine a funnier combination. Each of them also has quite an ability for making us laugh on their own but when they work along with each other, amazing things happen.

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