French And Saunders Try Desperately To Get through A Scene Without Laughing

Many of us have enjoyed the comedy of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders over the years. It seems as if anytime they are on the screen together, they just seem to play off of each other brilliantly. You can’t help but laugh at the things that they say and sometimes, they don’t even need to say something funny in order for it to be the most hilarious thing you will see all day.

As is true with many different comedians, it is not always what you see on the screen but it is also what takes place behind the scenes that is funny as well. In the case of bloopers, sometimes it can be rather enjoyable to watch somebody to have watched for years suddenly become a “real person” and to see how they react when doing it.

These bloopers from French and Saunders are sure to be the funniest thing that you see today. It seems as if they just can’t get through the scene, no matter how hard they try and it’s a good thing somebody saved this footage for us to enjoy.

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