French and Saunders Outtakes

It appears as if the team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are at it again but when you watch this video, you are going to see something unexpected. Of course, we have come to expect the unexpected out of this funny lady over the years, especially when she is teamed up with Jen Saunders. When they get going on a skit, I have a hard time hearing it because I’m laughing so hard.

When you see this video, you are going to see more than the classic Dawn French that you are used to seeing. You will see her and Jen Saunders in some outtakes and when you do, you will recognise that she is always funny, even when she is making some mistakes. In fact, it is often the blooper reel that makes us laugh more than anything else, and this one is no exception.

Not everything you see on the telly happens in real time and in many cases, it is shot ahead of time and then edited so that it is acceptable. Catching people when they are at their worst may sometimes show you how they are their best.