French & Saunders – Comic Relief 1997

There are people who have all types of talents. Some of them sing, others dance but there are a few select individuals who have a unique ability that all of us love. It is the ability to make us laugh, and laughter certainly is the best medicine. In fact, some of us try to laugh on a daily basis and it is a great way for us to unwind and forget about the stress of the day.

Throughout the years, there have been many individuals who make us laugh but at times, it is a team of people who work together brilliantly to put a smile on our face. That is certainly the case with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. They have been working together for years and it seems that anytime they get together on the stage or on a TV show, we start laughing from the moment they show up.

If you haven’t had your laugh today, Dawn French is certainly one that can provide it for you. This clip, from comic relief 1997, may be a little bit older but when you start laughing at it, you will find that it is just as funny today as it ever was in the past.

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