French & Saunders – Harry Potter Spoof, part 2

We laugh for many reasons but it doesn’t matter who we are, we are going to laugh. Sometimes, we even try to laugh because we recognise it is a great way to unwind and enjoy and evening. If you are looking for a way to laugh today, this video will provide it for you. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you may just laugh until you cry. After all, when Dawn French plays Harry Potter, you know it is going to be funny.

Dawn French has the ability to make us laugh, regardless of what she does. Sometimes, however, she does something unexpected and she does such a good job of it that our level of respect for her abilities goes up. That was the case when I saw this video. It is the second in a series of Harry Potter spoofs and it is brilliant.

When we laugh, we are doing more than simply letting off steam; we are making ourselves feel good. Research has shown that laughing on a regular basis can help you both mentally and physically, so make sure you laugh every day. Videos like these are a great place to start.