French & Saunders – Harry Potter Spoof, part 4

Dawn French has played so many different roles over the years, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. Perhaps we remember her best by her role in the vicar of Dibley or we may think about some of her standup routines, either on her own or along with Jennifer Saunders. When it comes to parities, however, she is really second to none and that will become obvious when you see this clip.

Dawn French is taking on the role of Harry Potter, and we couldn’t think of a better person to do it. From the beginning to the end, she keeps us in stitches. It isn’t only the fact that she plays the part so brilliantly, it is because she brings her own, unique style of humour to the stage. Quite honestly, we couldn’t imagine a better person for a Harry Potter spoof.

The Harry Potter series were written by J. K. Rowling and it follows the life of a young wizard as he and his friends enjoy many adventures together. I’m sure they weren’t expecting this type of adventure but as a fan of both Harry Potter and Dawn French, I couldn’t imagine anything better.