French & Saunders Live – Casualty sketch

There have been many comedy shows over the years but some of them stand out as being those that we will continue to watch, over and over again. For those of us who are big fans of Dawn French, there can be nothing better than when her and Jennifer Saunders get together and work on the stage. They had the unique ability to make the audience laugh at almost anything, regardless of whether it is inherently funny or not.

This brilliant French and Saunders casualty sketch is from their Live tour 2000, and it would be difficult to find something quite as brilliant as this skit. It not only includes French and Saunders and their unique roles that only they can play, it also includes Clive Mantle, Harriet Thorpe and Sinead Cusack. It is the combination of all of these funny individuals that really makes this one of those unforgettable scenes.

Dawn French has certainly done a lot of comedy in her time and it doesn’t matter if she is playing the part on the Vicar of Dibley or she is doing standup comedy, it is hard not to laugh as soon as she begins talking. Let’s always hope that we have her around to keep us smiling.

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