French & Saunders – Madonna’s Hung Up Parody

When it comes to superstars, they may have a variety of talents but some of them have a unique ability that we truly appreciate, they are able to make us laugh. That is the case with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders and it doesn’t matter what they are doing together, you can believe that laughter is going to be associated with it. This video is no different, but they are taking on another superstar in a rather interesting and hilarious parody.

If there is one thing that French and Saunders have the ability to do, it is take on the persona of other people. In this video, they are taking on Madonna and her 2005 hit single, Hung up. Many of us are familiar with the song and we may have seen the video but once you see Jennifer Saunders playing the part of Madonna, you may never look at it the same way again. It is absolutely beyond hilarious.

Madonna has certainly made a name for herself, between her unusual antics, her ability to sing and her level of physical fitness. Jennifer Saunders is the same age, but she just doesn’t hit those markers quite the same. What she does, however, is make us laugh hysterically.