French & Saunders – Moving Service

It’s difficult to imagine how many different roles Dawn French has played over the years. We see her on the Vicar of Dibley and at the various comedy shows and she never fails to make us laugh. That is especially true when she teams up with Jennifer Saunders, and they just seem to play off of each other brilliantly. I couldn’t imagine a better team of comedians.

Sometimes, French and Saunders will play the role of a famous individual, such as Madonna and at other times, they may do a parody of a famous film. Perhaps some of their funniest moments, however, are when they play workers because they do it so perfectly. In this clip, they are playing the part of movers and you would be surprised with how great of a job they do. It id nonstop laughter from the beginning to the end.

Research has shown that laughter is good for us in so many different ways. It helps us to feel better mentally but it also keeps us healthy as well. Perhaps there is some truth to the saying that “Laughter is the best medicine” and you can consider this your daily dose.