French & Saunders – Three Irish nuns at the Vatican

Something that many of us have is a “bucket list” and we may try to fill everything on the list while we are still alive. For some of us, it may be so fairly normal items that are easily accomplished but for others, it could include some rather unusual items. When it comes to these Irish nuns, they have the opportunity to see the Pope in person and it is obvious that they are able to cross off one of the items on their bucket list as well.

When it comes to Dawn French, many of us recognise that she is the funniest woman that has ever hit the stage. In this skit, she teams up with some of her friends to put together a skit that that is going to have you in stitches from the beginning. They just can’t seem to get enough of the Pope and they not only were able to visit him, they even stopped at the Vatican store to pick up anything you can imagine, from bath salts to a Pope pillow.

Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the Catholic Church until he resigned in 2013. Francis was the next in line. Benedict was popular and this Dawn French video certainly puts him in an amusing light.

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