Hilarious Outtakes From Let Them Eat Cake – French And Saunders Style

We have seen the comedy team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders in a variety of shows. Many of the programs in which they appeared were created by them, but one British sitcom that aired on BBC starred French and Saunders but they did not create it. That program, Let Them Eat Cake was set in 1782, several years before the French Revolution.

Although the show only ran for one year with a handful of episodes, many people continue to find it amusing down to this day, some 17 years later. If you are a fan of the show or if you just happen to appreciate the comedy team of French and Saunders, you will love this video that shows them in all their glory. Rather than showing you scenes from the show, however, it shows you what took place behind the scenes.

Most of us can appreciate the fact that making a mistake sometimes produces more amusing results than what it was expected to do in the first place. That is certain to be your reaction when you see these bloopers and outtakes. It’s difficult to watch them and not laugh out loud.

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