Hugh Grant kisses Dawn French

If you are a big fan of Dawn French, there is no doubt that you have seen her in some funny situations in the past. We watch her on the telly, on the stage and even in the films and she never ceases to amaze us with her ability to make us laugh. That is true when she is on her own but when you take the talent of Dawn French and put it together with Jennifer Saunders, you really have something that is remarkable.

In this clip, which is perhaps one of the most classic we have seen, Dawn French has raised a large sum of money and now she gets to be rewarded by getting a kiss from a celerity. When she comes out from behind the curtain, however, she is absolutely shocked to find out that it is Hugh Grant who is waiting there to kiss her.

As you could expect, the scene is about to unfold in the funniest way possible. Between the comedy of Dawn French being supported by Jennifer Saunders and having one of the most popular heartthrobs on the stage in front of her, how could it possibly not be funny?

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