Jennifer Saunders Has Dawn French over for Nibbles

There are certain things that many of us enjoy in life, and many of those revolve around the dinner table. As a matter of fact, it is often said that it is difficult to be angry when we are eating dinner with others, but it also appears as if it is difficult to not smile when you are eating dinner with Dawn French. That is going to become evident in this brilliant video that includes some other very funny individuals.

When Jennifer Saunders has Dawn French over for some nibbles, you better believe that there is going to be some laughter involved in it. This sketch is above and beyond that laughter, however, because it includes more than only Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, it also includes Lenny Harry and Ade Edmonson. It starts off on a comedic note but as it continues, it just gets funnier and funnier.

When Dawn French gets invited over for some nibbles, the appetizers begin in the sitting room but the conversation continues to grow and move to the dining room area. It isn’t long before you will find that you are laughing out loud as the hilarity continues to grow as these brilliant comedians just continue to make us laugh out loud.

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