This French And Saunders Deleted Scene Is Funnier Than The Show

There are many funny people and they have the ability to make us laugh. There is nothing quite like a good chuckle after a difficult day or perhaps to set the mood for a nice evening. Two of the people who have that ability are Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. We see them in this clip and they are absolutely brilliant when it comes to being funny.

This French and Saunders scene is from an Easter show and they are setting up for a dinner party. The problem is, nobody is there except the two of them so Dawn is just going around the table and putting pictures of the guests. It leads to some rather interesting and hilarious conversation between the two of them and then it works its way up to the end, where something totally unexpected happens.

Although they are both quite accomplished on their own, we will always love the team of French and Saunders, because they work together so brilliantly. They make us laugh, and that is something all of us need. Thankfully we have these videos just when we need them.

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