A Woman Bursts In While Alice Tinker Is At The Altar And Tries To Stop The Wedding

Although there have been many shows on television over the years, most people would agree that the Vicar of Dibley was one that brought something unique to the table. After all, with Dawn French, Emma Chambers and a cast of very funny individuals, it was difficult not to laugh at each and every episode. At times, however, something so outlandish happened that it really took us by surprise.

That was the case in this clip, as Alice Tinker was standing at the altar to get married. Through the years, we have seen Alice in many strange situations, and she often brought them on herself. In this video, however, you see something that is totally out of her control when a woman suddenly bursts into the church and claims that they should not be married because he had married her the other day!

Of course, in classic Dawn French style, the clip progresses to the point where we end up laughing out loud. The show may be from a few years ago but it is videos like these that help to keep it alive in our minds and our hearts.

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