Alice And The Vicar Talk About Music And Alice Loves The Wambles

If there is one thing that most of us have in common, is the fact that we love music. It tends to be a part of our lives from the time that we were very young and even when we get older, we tend to enjoy it and allow it to shape us in many ways. There are also differences between generations, however, and it may sometimes end up being a rather amusing situation.

In this video clip, Alice turned on the radio and it is newer music, at least as far as the vicar is concerned. She talked about how their children are going to enjoy the music but how they are not going to appreciate the music that was a part of their lives. That is when Alice begins talking about the music that she loves, which is the Wambles.

Of course, the Wambles is something that many of us watched when we were children and we may have enjoyed the music back then but we don’t necessarily love it as much today. Yes it could be nostalgic in our lives, but we may not share this exact sentiment with Alice.

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