Alice Answers The Phone But It’s A Man Calling For The Vicar

There are many things in our life that we might consider personal, especially now that we have entered the electronic age. Even before there were multiple mobile phones and everybody seemed to have their own personal computer that they carried around with them, there were also privacy issues that we all appreciated. One of those was then and still is the phone.

When the phone rings at the vicar’s house, Alice is the first one to jump up and run over to get it. It sometimes can get on the vicar’s nerves, however, because she would like to answer her own phone. In this particular instance, it was a man calling for the vicar and she is super excited about it. In fact, she cannot contain her excitement but she doesn’t necessarily want to share it with Alice.

When we have one of those unexpected calls and seems to come in from out of the blue, it not only takes us by surprise, it can really make a difference in our life. It appears as if this is one of those moments for the vicar.

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