Alice Has The Most Interesting Story About Her Honeymoon

One of the most special events in any of our lives is going to be the day that we get married. It is not only the fact that we are joining together with our significant other, we also have a honeymoon to look forward to as well. Those are events that are never going to be repeated, and they are some of the most special we will experience in our life.

When Alice Tinker gets married to Hugo, the two of them go on vacation and when they get back, they are anxious to tell the vicar about what took place. As it turns out, they actually got into a little bit of trouble at the airport, not because they were doing something wrong but because they tend to be too trusting. In the end, everyone gets a good laugh out of it but I’m sure they were laughing at that point.

It is always nice to share our pictures with others and to tell them about the fun that we had on whatever vacation we were taking. Sometimes it can also get a little bit funny, and that is what we are seeing in this video.

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