Alice Is Taking On David Horton In The Village Quiz

If there is one thing that all of us have in life, it is dreams. That is something that seems to be unique among humans, the ability to dream and to set our sights on something grander. Perhaps you have done so yourself you watched a friend as they reached for the stars, so to speak.

In this clip, we get to watch Alice as she reaches for a goal that might seem to be quite unobtainable. She has decided that enough is enough and she wants the opportunity to impress her future father in law. That is why she has decided to take him on in the village quiz, but when she tells the vicar of what she wants to do, it meets with a rather unexpected response.

In the end, the vicar decides to rethink her stand and then helps Alice to see if she is up for the challenge. She asks her a relatively simply question and Alice fires off an answer with confidence. The only problem is, it wasn’t the answer the vicar was looking for. It was correct in a funny way, but probably wouldn’t have earned any points.

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