Alice Takes The Dibley Pregnancy Test And It Is Most Unusual

There are many special moments that we may enjoy life. Some of those that we might appreciate more than others include the day that we get married and, of course, the day that we have any children. Another day that may be special at the time and something that we chill cherish down to this day is the date that we realise we are pregnant. It is on that day that we recognise we are starting on a long-term project and one that we look forward to doing.

Alice came over to visit the vicar and the more she kept talking, the more the vicar began to realise that she was actually pregnant. It’s not only the fact that she has been gaining weight so quickly, it is also that she has been sick every morning. The vicar is convinced that Alice is pregnant.

The problem is, Alice already took the Dibley pregnancy test, which is finding a hamster and urinating on it. If the hamster turned blue, you are pregnant but she said that it turned out negative. I think she may want to get tested again.

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