Alice Tinker Finally Laughs At One Of The Vicar’s Jokes But She Doesn’t Really “Get It”

There are a number of notable characters from the British sitcom, the Vicar of Dibley, but most fans appreciate the humour and interaction between Dawn French and Emma Chambers. They play off of each other brilliantly and you can’t help but laugh anytime the two of them are together in the same scene.

Perhaps one of our favourite scenes out of any show is when the vicar sits down with Alice Tinker and tells her a joke. Dawn French is a master joke teller, and, watching video clips such as this is a great way to put a smile on your face. The unfortunate problem is, Alice Tinker does not typically get the punch line.

Things take a rather unusual turn in this clip, because Alice laughs when the joke has been told. It doesn’t take long to learn, however, she doesn’t truly understand that it is a joke and we get to laugh longer and louder as a result. It is another brilliant example of how these two Comedians were born to make us smile.

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