David Horton Is Entertaining A Client On The Golf Course But He Wasn’t Expecting Vicar

It can be quite interesting when you are out on the golf course. Some people go out to relax and enjoy a day off of work but other people are out there to make business contacts and to further their career. That is obviously the case with David Horton, who is entertaining a client by taking him on the community golf course. He is expecting a quiet day but the vicar had other ideas.

As it turns out, Horton was trying to manipulate things as he typically does, but the vicar uses the visit to the golf course to help change his mind. Of course, it helps that she has several of the other members of the committee out there with her, and they are not exactly playing the perfect round of golf.

In the end, the vicar gets the last laugh but it will also leave you laughing as well. It’s just another example of how life in Dibley keeps us in stitches.

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