David Writes A Polite Letter But The Vicar Has A Letter Of Her Own

Have you ever really been upset about something and felt as if you needed to take things to the next level? Of course, we have all felt that way at some time or another. Sometimes we feel so passionate about it that we write a letter, or more than likely, an email to voice our opinion.

The town of Dibley is experiencing such a crisis when they don’t have enough water. When they hold a committee meeting, David lets them know he has written a letter to voice his dissatisfaction. The only problem is that the letter is very polite. The vicar, on the other hand, has also written a letter and it has some rather fiery words in it. In fact, it seems to get right to the point.

Sending an email is one way we have of contacting someone to let them know we are unhappy. Sometimes, however, a written letter is much more effective.

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