Dawn French and The Greatest Story Ever Told

It can be very exciting to prepare for an upcoming event, regardless of whether it is something big or something small. On this episode of the Vicar of Dibley, they are preparing for a Christmas show that is called, The Greatest Story Ever Told. It seems as if everybody is prepared for the show but not everybody has the same idea as to the theme. When they begin to talk about it, things get hilarious very quickly.

The problem that they are having is that they can’t agree that the story is factual. They aren’t talking about the story behind the story, they are talking about the name of the story. They begin discussing various other tales that are actually quite great as well, so Dawn French begins talking about the possibility that it may not be the greatest story ever told, it could actually be the second greatest or maybe even one of the top 10!

The play that they were preparing is a story that was first released in 1965 and at that time, it had quite a cast. Some of the cast members included Charlton Heston and Dorothy McGuire. Personally, I think Dawn French is quite an addition.

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