Dawn French and the Horse Joke

Dawn French and the Horse Joke

It can be quite exciting when you have heard the perfect joke and you can’t wait to tell it to your friends and family. You begin by building anticipation, letting them know that you are about to tell them something very funny and then you launch into the story. By the time you reach the punchline, you would expect that everybody is laughing out loud and practically falling on the floor. Unfortunately, there are far too many times when our jokes land flat.

That is what happened to Dawn French in this wonderful video. It isn’t the subject of the joke that causes the problem, nor is it the delivery, it is the fact that she is telling it to the wrong audience. It is a scene that we have become familiar with, where Dawn French is playing the Vicar of Dibley and she is telling a joke to Alice Tinker.

When we tell a joke and it doesn’t land properly, we begin trying to justify the joke by repeating the punchline or perhaps explaining the reason why it is funny in the first place. Unfortunately, that is a tactic that rarely works, as you will see in this hilarious video.

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