Dawn French Reunites The Cast Members Of The Vicar Of Dibley

I don’t know about you, but I was quite sad to see the Vicar of Dibley go off the air. It was just one of those shows that seemed to be able to pick up my spirits and make me laugh, regardless of what was going on that particular day. After all, Dawn French is absolutely brilliant and it seems as if they were able to make any situation seem hilariously funny.

Although the Vicar of Dibley is no longer being made as a sitcom, they do make an appearance from time to time. In this video clip, you get to see such an appearance when Dawn French brings together the cast members of the Vicar of Dibley for Red Nose Day 2013. They also have a special guest star, Damian Lewis, and the interaction between him and the Vicar is absolutely perfect.

Damian Lewis is well-known for his acting and he continues to be a popular figure down to this day. Quite obviously, he was also popular with the Vicar and she could not manage to hold back when she was around him.

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