Dawn French Tells A Brilliant Joke But Alice Doesn’t Get It

There is nothing quite like a good joke to get your day started off on the right foot. Of course, it is not only the subject matter that can get us chuckling, it is the way that the joke is presented as well. When it comes to Dawn French, you know that it is going to be told masterfully and with the joke she tells here, I see a good, solid belly laugh in your future.

The problem is, the vicar is telling this joke to Alice Tinker, so it doesn’t go over quite as expected. Yes, it is extremely funny and Dawn even gets a good laugh out of her own joke, but Alice just sits there with a blank look on her face, as could be expected. The fact that she doesn’t get the joke, however, doesn’t detract from its humour and it even adds to it.

Have you ever heard the expression, laughter is the best medicine? That expression is not only something nice to say, there may be a lot of truth to it as well. Studies have shown that laughing can help you both physically and emotionally. Consider this your healthy shot of humour for the day.

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