Dawn Instructs Hugo And Alice On How To Kiss But Once They Do, She Can’t Get Them Apart

When we think back on our lives, there are probably a few things that stand out in our minds. Perhaps we may remember the day we got married or the birth of our children but looking back even further, we might remember our first kiss. There was something magical about it and we often remember it with a smile.

In this clip, Hugo and Alice are standing in front of each other when they are visiting the Vicar. They both want to kiss but neither of them feels as if they are able to make that move. Fortunately, they have the vicar there to help guide them and once they kiss, they don’t want to stop. In fact, even the vicar gives up on the situation and decides to pop out for a bit.

The first kiss can be an amazing experience and it is one we will never relive again. It looks as if Hugo and Alice are taking this one for all it’s worth and it’s a great scene to remember.

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