Dawn Plays Cupid With Hugo And Alice But Ends Up Losing Her Cool

Most of us realise that we should not mess in the affairs of others but sometimes, it is difficult to avoid it. That is especially true when we think we know what is best for them and they just don’t seem to be moving in the right direction. We may end up playing matchmaker, and it can lead to some uncomfortable situations.

That is the case with the Vicar, and she is trying to play matchmaker between Alice and Hugh. Of course, Alice has had her eye on Hugo since day one and Hugo has also had some interest in her as well. What they are lacking, however, seems to be the ability to kiss but the Vicar is going to change that for them. She gets them together in the same room and expects sparks to fly.

When the Vicar leaves the room, she if feeling pretty good about herself. They seem to be hitting it off and the first kiss is only moments away. The problem is that they just aren’t connecting and the Vicar loses it in the funniest way.

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