Dibley Is Having A Water Crisis So The Vicar Drinks Vodka Instead

When we have a shortage of water, it can certainly make things difficult. Not only do we have to put off necessary things, such as flushing the toilet or watering the plants, we can also be thirsty from a lack of water as well. It is a frustrating problem that we would rather live without.

When Dibley is experiencing a water shortage, they are facing some difficult decisions. The vicar seems to be handling things well but when she sees Alice watering the plants, she gets upset. That is, of course, until she finds out that she is actually watering the plants with vodka. She decided to have a swig herself and it ends in the funniest way you could imagine.

When we are thirsty, it can have an impact on us both physically and mentally. Although it could be a serious situation, we get the chance to laugh at it when it happens in the village of Dibley.