Elton John Is Visiting Dibley And Everyone Is Excited

When we are planning for a big event, there is typically a lot to do. We need to make sure that everything is prepared so that anyone who shows up for the event is going to enjoy it to the greatest extent possible. It looks as if the vicar and everyone else is also preparing, because they think that Elton John is coming to Dibley.

As they are getting ready, painting some signs, there are a lot of things that take place in the background. This is a hilarious scene that just keeps getting funnier, each time you watch it. Not only do you have Alice setting up shop so that she can sell her soft toys that are stuffed with cooked pasta, we also have Jim, who is carrying around some items and is obviously excited about the possibility of meeting Elton John in person.

Perhaps the funniest part of the scene, however, comes toward the end when they start discussing other events that took place in Dibley in years past. They don’t exactly point the finger, but it becomes obvious who really didn’t pull their weight.

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