First Episode: The Vicar Shows Up In A Rainstorm But Nobody Expected Her

Most of us would agree that the first impression is certainly important, and it is one that we try hard to make a good one. The Vicar was also trying to make a good impression, but when she showed up in a rainstorm, things didn’t quite go as well as they could. In fact, they went hilariously wrong and it was a great way to start the series.

One of the biggest problems was that nobody was expecting the Vicar to be a woman, but there she was, as big as life. Of course, in true Dawn French fashion, she didn’t waste a moment but jumped right into the middle of things and began introducing herself, even if a was a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps the funniest introduction, however, came when Alice Tinker was introduced, and I’m sure that you will laugh at it as well.

The show went on to run for a number of years but the first episode paved the way for every future episode that was seen. This may be a blast from the past, but it is one that we can still laugh at down to this day.

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