Frank Has His Turn On Dibley Radio But Nobody Was Expecting Him To Come Out

When we spend our time with people on a regular basis, we may think that we know them but in reality, we only know what they allow us to see. It is only when we are with them day in day out that we are actually able to pull the curtain aside and get a true look at who they are.

Sometimes, we may get a glimpse into someone’s life and that was the case in this clip when Frank Pickle is doing his radio show. Although it starts out in typical fashion, with him stammering on slowly, it quickly turns interesting when he reveals that he has been gay for years. Not only is it amusing to hear him say it, the look on the vicar’s face is absolutely priceless.

This is funny because of what he said, and it also carries through to the committee meeting on the next day. As you can imagine, he was rather nervous walking into the meeting, wondering what his friends would think. His fears are quickly allayed, however, but it ends up being for the funniest reason of all.

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