The Funniest Dawn French Joke

The Funniest Dawn French Joke

If there is one thing that most of us appreciate, it’s a good joke. Of course, there are many different types of jokes and not all of them are going to be to our liking. From time to time, however, we end up hearing one of those jokes that just seems to have a universal appeal. It looks like The Vicar of Dibley has one of those jokes in this clip and she is telling it to Alice.

I have to admit, I always love to hear Dawn French telling a joke. I don’t know if it is the timing of her delivery or if it is the fact that she just has the ability to make me laugh, no matter what she is doing. If you are a Dawn French fan, you probably realise that Alice very rarely ever gets the punch line and she often stresses over the joke as if it were a real story.

That isn’t the case with this one. The joke is so genuinely funny that Alice actually burst into laughter once the punch line is told. I know I has a similar reaction and once you hear it, I’m sure you will have a good laugh as well.

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