Hugo Gets A Kiss And Alice Is Jealous

There is an old saying that life is full of disappointments, and obviously those disappointments can also happen in Dibley. Fortunately, we are often not directly involved with them and we get to watch them with Dawn French taking the lead. That is what makes things so funny and at times, it really helps the show to have a character that makes us love so much.

In this clip, something rather interesting has happened, it seems as if Hugo has gotten a kiss from Kylie Minogue. When they had a fair in Dibley, they were expecting Elton John to show up but unfortunately, some signals got crossed and he wasn’t going to show in the first place. Things turned out in the end, however, because Kylie Minogue did manage to show and she saved the day. She even gave Hugo a kiss, and they are discussing it in this clip.

Although everyone is referring to it as a kiss, Jim says that it was more like a snog. Alice even gets in on the act, and you can tell that she is just a little jealous over the attention that was given to the object of her affection.

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