Jim And Owen Argue Over The “Great Storm”

We often remember some of the biggest events in our life, and it is not unusual for those events to be storms. In fact, they sometimes act as a touchstone and we often refer to them by names that we have given them along the way. In the case of large storms, they may even have a name, which is the case with hurricanes. Even if it is just a localized storm, it tends to be a noteworthy event.

In this clip, we see Jim and Owen discussing a storm that happened the previous night. They start by comparing it with “the great storm” but it isn’t long before a lively argument ensues. They start talking about different storms, and which one might be the greatest. Owen even goes on to call one of the storms the “great wind” because he says it did not have any rain involved.

Just when you think the discussion might be over, Mrs. Cropley walks in and begins talking about the storm right away. The reaction of both Jim and Owen comes immediately, and it will make you laugh out loud.

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