Jim Gives The Funniest Apology On The Vicar Of Dibley

There’s a lot of formalities that takes place during a meeting and at times, we might not understand everything that goes along with it. That is also obviously the case when they get together on the Vicar of Dibley, and it looks like Jim might not quite be getting what is being said. They ask for an apology, and he provides one but he doesn’t quite get it right.

Of course, Jim offers the apology in his own usual way, stuttering the word no several times before he finally gets to the point. As it turns out, he didn’t really need to apologise for what he did, but he ends up saying that he wanted to. It’s absolutely hilarious and it just goes to show that there is a lot more talent to this television show them what Dawn French brings to the table.

We will always appreciate the humour of the show and wish that it was still playing down to this day. At least we have these video clips to enjoy, and they can make us laugh over and over again.

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