Jim Talks About A Time He Got Married And Got Quite A Surprise On The Honeymoon

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all can appreciate when we have a special event in our lives. At times, it might be a wedding or maybe the birth of a child but something we all can remember is our honeymoon. It was something that was a once in a lifetime event.

For Alice and Hugo, the honeymoon was something that had waited for a very long time. When they got home, they shared their pictures with the vicar, including the one where they carried the bag through customs for another person. In the end, Hugo ended up in some hot water and it only took 14 months for his good name to be cleared.

Most of us know how to go through the airport and we do our best to follow the rules. There is always going to be someone, however, who allows something to happen. It is usually not fun when it does happen but it is funny when it happens on the Vicar of Dibley.

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