Jim Talks About What Is On His Telly And It Is Shockingly Funny

When we watch the telly on a regular basis, we quickly come to realise that there is not much good content to be had on it. It seems as if everything on the television is geared toward something improper, and even though we may laugh at it sometimes, we realise that it seems to always go that direction.

Of course, what happens on the Vicar of Dibley, we get to have the biggest laugh from it. That was the case in this clip, when they are talking about an upcoming radio show that is coming to town. They say how it may just get people to get away from the television for a few days, and then Jim says something about the immorality that is on television at all times.

Of course, what Jim is actually talking about is the fact that he watches the Playboy channel on a regular basis. It is something that we would expect from him, but when we hear it unfold on this clip, it is really one of the funniest things that you can imagine.

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