Mrs Cropley Brings Pancakes To The Committee Meeting

When you think about getting a nice, home bakes treat from an older friend, you likely look forward to the experience. Those treats are not only baked with love, they are quite delicious as well. Of course, not everyone is going to be able to make something scrumptious and at times, we may even try to avoid their cooking.

When it comes to experimenting with food, there are those who do it well and others who don’t. Mrs Cropley is a good example of someone who liked to experiment with food and when she brings pancakes to the committee meeting, you can tell they aren’t exactly to everyone’s liking. They love her so much, however, that they eat them anyway.

The world lost someone very funny when the lost Mrs Cropley at the end of 2016. She filled out lives with laughter and we will always appreciate her role on these shows.

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