Mrs Cropley Is Going To London To See The Dancers – Chippendales That Is

When the committee gets together on the Vicar of Dibley, it is difficult to know where things are going to go. We could often expect things to go off track, but we never really know who is going to take it there. Sometimes, it may be Jim and other times, it could be the Vicar herself. The this clip, however, it comes from a rather unexpected source, Mrs Cropley.

When Mrs Cropley talks about going into London to see the dancers, nobody really gives it much of a thought. It is David Horton who leans over toward ask her if she is talking about the ballet but when she tells him that she is actually talking about Chippendale’s, it is difficult not to laugh out loud. Of course, that is what it is designed to do, so laugh all you want.

Unfortunately, Mrs Cropley is no longer with us but we still have the opportunity to laugh, and that is what she wanted us to do.

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